Microsoft teases new Surface Hub 2

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Microsoft has released a teaser video showing off their upcoming Surface Hub 2 product line.  Although not yet available to purchase, these all-in-one displays look good enough to make it onto the wish list of many users of  corporate meeting rooms.  With a screen size of 50″, a super thin bezel, an optional clip-on video camera, a side fingerprint reader, and wireless capabilities, these are some of the best multi-purpose displays we’ve seen yet.  Check out the teaser video that was just released by Microsoft a few days ago.

Now if that video doesn’t have you filling out a purchasing request, I’m not sure what will.  What do you think about the new Surface Hub 2?  Let us know in the comments below.

This photo of four Surface Hub 2 displays side by side leads me to ask several questions.  First, are they are usable as a single Surface Hub?  If a presenter was to walk up and touch the fingerprint reader, would they be signed in to each of the displays?  Could all four screens be used to play a video or display a photo?  Could the cameras be synced to allow for an extra wide video feed to include everyone in the room?  Would your work be spread across all four processors and make for a lag-free presentation?  I guess only time will tell.

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